Accessory Tragus (Branchial Cleft Remnant)

Branchial cleft remnant and accessory tragus are terms used to describe lumps of extra skin and cartilage that are commonly in front of one or both ears at birth.  This tissue is essentially extra, normal tissue. The skin and cartilage grows with the child. The size of accessory tragus can vary from small bumps of skin only to very large pieces of extra skin and cartilage that can deform normal parts of the ear, especially the tragus. It is important to note that most branchial remnants occur on or around the ear, but they can also occur on the cheek and neck also. If removed the tissue does not grow back. We remove this tissue when present because it draws unwanted attention. This is typically done in a short outpatient surgery. 

Branchial Remnant Accessory Tragus before surgery
Accessory Tragus Branchial Remnant After Surgery